Standard Operating Procedure

Though SOP traces its origin to military and healthcare, today no organizations can ignore the importance of SOPs. In a way, SOP is a low-cost process standardization and improvement tool available to the companies. Organizations develop standard operating procedures for various reasons ranging from creating a knowledge repository of their current processes to formulating a process improvement strategy. The typical purposes for creating standard operating procedures are
1. To create a framework for reference to train both new and existing employees
2. To establish a standardized way of doing the various activities within the entire organization
3. To graduate from a person-centric organization to process-centric organization
4. To communicate the expectations of the management about the levels of performance
5. To formalize
6. To establish a base-level from where all process improvement initiatives will be identified, evaluated and launched
7. To identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
8. To demarcate the process boundaries of existing processes
9. To improve the culture related to safety and security of activities and operations
10. To express the intention of management. SOP is a supporting document in a court-of-law
11. To innovate and improve the processes in a continuous manner
12. To deliver consistent quality and experiences to the customer irrespective of people and location

SOP Services

Fhyzics offers end-to-end solution in standard operating procedure. Our SOP services include the following aspects:

    SOP Development:

     A complete study of your organizations primary,secondary and management processes and identifying the list of SOPs that need to be developed to streamline the organizations operations. Subsequently the SOPs will be developed using our SOP methodology.

    Change Management:

    SOP adoption in an organization will become successful when the following parameters are fulfilled:
    a. SOP is developed in a proper manner, meaning a good SOP
    b. SOP benefits the various stakeholders within the organization
    c. The project is driven from the top and linked to the annual performance

    SOP Training:

    Once the SOP development is completed, Fhyzics team of consultants will organize virtual training for the various stakeholders specific to the SOPs.

    SOP Online:

    A dedicated SOP portal will be launched with access to all the users, where they can access their relevant SOPs. Using this portal, the SOPs will be made available across the organization and the contents are protected.

    SOP Assessment & Audit:

    Fhyzics will periodically conduct the SOP Assessment and Audit to ensure that whether the SOP adoption is progressing in the positive direction. The assessment part can be delivered through the SOP Portal itself, but the audit will be conducted in person over one or more days, depending upon the size of organization and number of SOPs under the audit.

Partnerships for SOP Best Practices

Fhyzics in its quest to bring the global best practices to its clients has partnered with the following four premier, international organizations

    International Channel Partner, APICS, USA
    EEP™ of International Institute of Business Analysis, IIBA®, Canada
    REP of International Requirements Engineering Board, IREB®, Germany
    Indian Affl. of Product Development and Management Association, PDMA, USA
    Apics             IIBA Endorsed Education logo final 2011IREP Logo  PDMA Logo3  

Fhyzics’ SOP Methodology

Over the past 10 years, Fhyzics has developed a methodology for SOP development and implementation. The organizations that benefitted out of Fhyzics’ services stand testimony to this methodology. Fhyzics approaches all SOP projects in two phases, that is enterprise analysis and sop implementation

    SOP Phase-I: Enterprise Analysis

    The first step for a successful SOP development and implementation is clearly defining the need behind the requirement of SOP. Enterprise analysis defines the need, scope of work, project outcomes, necessary stakeholders and change management strategy. Our team of consultants will work with your organization for a time period ranging between 10 business hours and 24 business hours to carryout this activity and present the Enterprise Analysis Report (EAR) to the management. EAR can also be viewed as a business case, why your organization should go for SOP implementation and what are all the tangible and intangible benefits over short and long term. There is a nominal fee charged for this service.

    SOP Phase-II: Development & Deployment

    Based on the Enterprise Analysis Report, Fhyzics will present the detailed proposal for the SOP Phase-II. The SOP phase-II contains the following five stages:
    1. SOP Development
    2. SOP Implementation
    3. Continuous Improvement using SOP
    4. Change Management Strategy for SOP Adoption
    5. Enterprise Solution for SOP

SOP Delivery Format

Fhyzics delivers the completed SOP in any of the following formats:

    SOP Manual:

    The standard operation procedures of each of the department will be combined together as a bound book and few copies of such books will be delivered to the client.

    SOP Online Manual:

    The standard operating procedure will be delivered as a digital manual which can be accessed through any of the browsers. You can host it in your website or in your internet site depending upon the need and privacy. For example, a vendor related SOP may be uploaded in the company website on the other hand travel reimbursement related SOP will be hosted in the intranet.

    SOP Portal:

    Fhyzics can develop a dedicated SOP portal for your organization, so that the SOPs will be accessible across the organization irrespective of the geography of operation. Employees will get unique login credentials for the portal and their progress is monitored through assessments and analytics.

SOP Case Studies

Are you interested in going through, how some of leading organizations benefitted out of implementing Standard Operating Procedures? Please write to us at

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