Retails SOPs

Retail SOPs

Industry Overview

General trends about the industry

Industry Structure

The different types of players in the industry

Regulators across the globe

Typical Processes

The list of Retail SOPs

Retail SOPs – Accounting

SOP-AC-01 : Role of Accounts
SOP-AC-02 : Accounts Organizational Structure
SOP-AC-03 : Accounting Metrics
SOP-AC-04 : Salary Processing
SOP-AC-05 : Various Governing Acts
SOP-AC-06 : Provident Fund
SOP-AC-07 : Employee State Insurance
SOP-AC-08 : Insurance Requirements
SOP-AC-09 : Intellectual Property Rights
SOP-AC-10 : Asset Management
SOP-AC-11 : Cost Reduction Initiatives
SOP-AC-12 : Service Tax Procedures
SOP-AC-13 : TDS procedure
SOP-AC-14 : Professional Tax
SOP-AC-15 : Value Added Tax
SOP-AC-16 : Luxury Tax

Retail SOPs – Store Security

SOP-SE-01 : Security Process Checklist
SOP-SE-02 : Handling legal aspects
SOP-SE-03 : Handling counterfeit notes
SOP-SE-04 : Handling Beep tag

Retail SOPs – Cash Management

SOP-CM-01 : Store Back Office Cash Procedure
SOP-CM-02 : Store Front Office Cash Procedure
SOP-CM-03 : Cash Refunds
SOP-CM-04 : Handling double billing / mistakes by cashiers

Retail SOPs – Store Audit

SOP-SA-01 : Store Appearance
SOP-SA-02 : Staff
SOP-SA-03 : Stock Audit Policies
SOP-SA-04 : Customer Service
SOP-SA-05 : Storage
SOP-SA-06 : Loss prevention audit policy
SOP-SA-07 : Cleanliness

Retail SOPs – Store Administration

SOP-AD-01 : Admin. Task related checklist
SOP-AD-02 : Checklist for Maintenance
SOP-AD-03 : Checklist for housekeeping and cleanliness
SOP-AD-04 : Staff time keeping
SOP-AD-05 : Sale of scrap
SOP-AD-06 : Required Permissions & Licences, renewal and compliance
SOP-AD-07 : Health & Safety Norms
SOP-AD-08 : Insurance – Building & Infrastructure, Inventory & Cash
SOP-AD-09 : Store Opening and Closing Procedures
SOP-AD-10 : Store Readiness

Retail SOPs – Customer Service

SOP-CS-01 : Stocks return and exchange from customers and policy
SOP-CS-02 : Complaints
SOP-CS-03 : Sales Associate Responsibilities to Customer
SOP-CS-04 : Sales Associate Authority for Complaint Resolution
SOP-CS-05 : Special Product or Service Orders
SOP-CS-06 : Customer Service desk- General Product Knowledge
SOP-CS-07 : Enrolment of customer for Loyalty Programs
SOP-CS-08 : Customer Feedback
SOP-CS-09 : Customer Home Delivery (Delivery Appointment Process)

Retail SOPs – HR Department

SOP-HR-01 : Hiring Process
SOP-HR-02 : Employee Benefits
SOP-HR-03 : Staff Transfer Process
SOP-HR-04 : Staff Resignation Process
SOP-HR-05 : Staff time scheduling
SOP-HR-06 : Staff training requirements
SOP-HR-07 : Employee Performance Appraisal
SOP-HR-08 : Compensation & Bonus Structure

Retail SOPs – Store Merchandising Handling

SOP-SM-01 : Transfer of stocks from Warehouse
SOP-SM-02 : Receipts of stocks at store
SOP-SM-03 : Loading and unloading
SOP-SM-04 : Delivery from vendors
SOP-SM-05 : Goods return to Vendor
SOP-SM-06 : Goods return to Warehouse (Fresh, Excess & Defective)
SOP-SM-07 : Ordering from Stores
SOP-SM-08 : Stock receiving from Vendor
SOP-SM-09 : Consignment Vendor Stocks
SOP-SM-10 : Merchandise write-off procedure
SOP-SM-11 : Merchandise Replenishment & Inventory Re-ordering