Admin Standard Operating Procedure

Admin Standard Operating Procedure

The administration department forms the backbone of any organisation and it also happens to be an asset in its effective operation. The administrative person belonging to the administration department happens to be a common point of link between the various departments in the organisation to ensure smoother flow of information.Most cases the administration department looks at managing:

General Management of office affairs and its running: This includes

  • Creating a provision for working for all the staffs of an organisation
  • Creating a provision for maintaining the office equipment
  • And ensuring that adequate water, lighting, telecommunication, e-mails are available
  • To provide designated parking areas for staff vehicles
  • And procuring and making available all the stationery

Transport: The administration shall ensure:

  • That the eligible staffs get the transport to reach the organisation on time to discharge duties
  • Acquisition of transport like trucks, cabs etc.
  • The vehicles have adequate fuel to transport people and materials to the concerned place
  • Repair and maintenance of all vehicles plying under the control of the organisation

Registry: This has to do with all outgoing and incoming communications like registered letters, speed posts etc. The registry shall have a separate place to file records and provision to record in a book as to what was sent and received.

Assets: This deals with the acquisition of all assets like machinery, computers, furniture, vehicle, land etc., managing them (locating them, checking them for their satisfactory and safe working) and recommending for the disposal when it is due.

Security: This aspect deals with creating a safe environment for all employees to work, cover for the entire property and assets, identifying the right firm to provide security and risk assessment to determine additional areas where security needs to be provided.

Property: This refers to managing the entire property like the installations in buildings and other sites where related operations take place.

Relevance and importance of SOP in the administration department

Now having understood what all important activities the administration department does it becomes imperative that to have things in place a streamlining of activities have to be done so that no task is stuck as a result of absentia of any key personnel. Even someone performing a task under some urgency for the 1sttime shall be able to do it correctly without any mistake. The one best thing that can happen in this case is a full stop towards micromanaging!

List of Recommended Admin SOPs

SOP-AM-001-Telephone Maintenance
SOP-AM-002-Payment of Rent for Office Space
SOP-AM-003-Arrangment of Meetings and Various Contract Renewals
SOP-AM-004-Maintenance of In and Out Register of All Employees
SOP-AM-005-Call Registry Maintenance of Both Inbound and Outbound Calls
SOP-AM-006-Conduct of Interviews
SOP-AM-007-Inventory Management
SOP-AM-008-Upkeep of Security of Office Space
SOP-AM-009-Miantenance and Filing of Electric Bills
SOP-AM-010-Maintenance of printers and computers
SOP-AM-011-Record Maintenance of Documents Sent and Received by Courier
SOP-AM-012-Arrangement for Ticket Booking in Hotels and Arranging Commutation Facilities
SOP-AM-013-Visa Documentation Preparation
SOP-AM-014-Appointment Co-ordination with Visa Office and Document Submission
SOP-AM-015-Passport Renewal and Related Documentation Guidance
SOP-AM-016-Office Furniture Cleaning and Maintenance
SOP-AM-017-Office Vehicle Maintenance
SOP-AM-018-Interiors and Floor Cleanliness Maintenance
SOP-AM-019-Material and Stationery Procurement
SOP-AM-020-Kitchen and Dining Utility Management